Organically grown Genuine Grade A+, All Red, Super-Negin Saffron

Organically grown Genuine Grade A+, All Red, Super-Negin Saffron

Greenfield Bio Plantation

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  • World's highest quality top-cut, finest gourmet 100% pure, organically grown Super-Negin directly from Afghanistan's Organic Saffron farmers.
  • No GMO, No Chemical Pesticides, No Chemical Fertilizers and No Additives.
  • Packed in Food Grade easy to store packaging
  • Rare Stigma Cut Negin Saffron with full bodied Aroma & flavor color 
Organic farm fresh 100% Pure Saffron
To draw out the color and to ensure that it's evenly distributed throughout the dish it's to be added to, steep saffron threads in a little warm water, stock, milk or white wine for about 30 minutes before using. Then add the liquid to the dish, usually towards the end of cooking.

Never throw saffron threads whole into your cooking. To get the most from your it, crumble the required number of threads into a small container, or ideally grind them in a pestle & mortar. How fine you grind saffron is up to you. Saffron is known as the sunshine spice, and the finer the saffron, the more uniformly yellow the food will be. Coarsely grinding or simply crumbling it into pieces 1-3mm long looks great in pilaf's, Risotto or Biryani's as it gives a yellow background color with hot-spots of rich orangey-red.

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