Hair Care
Exotic BioNaturals brings to you a collective of pure Herbal beauty products to support you in being responsible to your body, mind and spirit and thus living a bountiful life free from disease and a sense of general well-being.
We've been extremely selective in the products we sell ,choosing to support ethical and fair-trade companies who use only high quality Organic or Wild-harvested ingredients that have been ethically traded. You will find in our featured products some of these companies such as Vaadi Herbals, Shemana Elixirs, Superfeast, Bare Blends and One Seed.
We are very conscious about what goes into the products we sell. Everything we source and trade is naturally derived, there are NO harsh chemicals, parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals or animal derivatives.
Majority of the herbs been used in these products are sourced from organic farms in tropical and subtropical regions of India, some parts of USA, New Zealand among other countries.
Celebrate the Joy of Life!

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