Bath Bombs Rose Red Smell Pack of 6 Oil Sea Salt Handmade Bath Bombs Set

Bath Bombs Rose Red Smell Pack of 6 Oil Sea Salt Handmade Bath Bombs Set

How To Use

  • DIVINE BATH EXPERIENCE: Treat yourself to the luxurious Bath Experience! Drop the bomb in your bath for the fizzy effect and enjoy a fragrant and soothing bath! The Bath Bombs will explode in a fizzy bath filled with colors and scents. It’s the most relaxing experience after a long day. You deserve it!
  • SENSUAL SCENTS: Awaken the senses with each of the seven lush scents of the Bei Momenti bath bombs! From lavender and lemon grass to cocoa butter and orange scent, you won’t be able to choose the fizzy bomb for your next bubble bath! Smell clean and wonderful for hours!
  • SOFTER SKIN, RELAXED MUSCLES: A fizzy bubble bath will sooth your skin, relieve allergies and itches, and alleviate sunburns. It’s a rejuvenating experience that will also open your skin’s pores, improve blood flow and relieve muscle tension! Drop a fizzy bath bomb and say goodbye to dry skin and sore muscles!
  • AMAZING GIFT IDEA: Stop looking for other bath gift sets! The bath bomb set is presented in a stylish wood box one can use even after you’ve had all seven bubble baths! It’s a cute and beautiful gift for everyone, from women friends to relatives. Even kids will love it!
  • FREE LUXURY SOAP GIFTS: Along with the lovely bath bomb gift box, we offer you a bonus extra of two luxury soap gifts! These elegant Rose-Soaps and Jasmine Soap bring bubbles to your fizz. Buy our bath bomb set as a gift, or enjoy the quality luxury soap gifts for yourself!

Item Type: Bath Salts
NET WT: 60g
Ingredient: Natural ingredients
Brand Name: YANQINA
Model Number: HB-1335


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