24 Carat Gold Face Pack Vitamin-E & Lemon Peel

24 Carat Gold Face Pack Vitamin-E & Lemon Peel

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This rich gold pack is specially formulated with high percentage of 24 carat gold leaves which gives an instant shine and luster to the facial skin. It leaves your skin with a smooth and polished look.


What factors contribute to skin’s aged and unhealthy look?

Collagen, the protein that “supports” our skin is produced lesser, as we age. Along with loss of elastin, this makes our skin lose its elasticity; leading to appearance of wrinkles. Adding to this is free radical cell damage that is increased by UV exposure. This exposure also results in tanning, pigmentation and freckling.

With growing age, epidermis (outermost layer of skin) thins out, increasing the damaging effect of UV radiations. Moreover there is a reduction in the growth of new skin cells; which is imperative for skin repairing and health. All these factors combined result in an aged and unhealthy looking skin.

How does Gold help in skin revitalization?

Gold is truly a skin rejuvenator. It reduces inflammation; heals the skin; detoxifies it; as well as prevents premature aging of the skin; giving it health and glow. Firstly, it slows down secretion of the skin-darkening pigment, or melanin. Melanin is responsible for darkening of the skin-tone, as well as discoloration.

Next, it improves the cell turnover rate; increasing the production of new skin cells. It even preserves the elastin; maintaining the elasticity of the skin. And also improves the production of collagen, an essential skin protein. This delays the onset of wrinkles and skin sagging.
A higher cell turnover and its anti-inflammatory property, help in accelerating healing of rashes, burns, eczema, fungal and other skin problems.

What is Saffron and how does it help in skin’s revitalization?

Obtained from the flower of Crocus sativus is the popular spice called Saffron, or kesar, used since ancient times due to its powerful cleansing, toning and anti bacterial properties. It not only prevents and fights skin infections, but also works against acne by removing dead skin cells and excess oil, hence keeping pores from clogging.

Its ability to stimulate collagen formation and cellular regeneration makes it a powerful anti oxidant which delays appearance of wrinkles and maintains skin’s elasticity. It is also a popular skin lightening agent due to its ability to lighten sun tan, as well as marks from acne, blemishes and pigmentation. It also evens out complexion and repairs dry skin.

What is Lemon Peel Extract? And how does it contribute to revitalization of skin?

Extract from lemon’s skin or rind, scientifically called Citrus limon, and commonly known as lemon peel extract, has been used over several years as an astringent, toner and anti microbial, due to its acidic properties. It maintains skin’s oiliness and pH balance and also calms skin’s redness and minor rashes.

It is also known to remove impurities and dead cells from the skin’s surface and promote growth of new cells. It also has bleaching properties which help lighten pigmentation, sun-tan and acne marks. It has also been used to work against acne and better skin’s elasticity.

What is Manjistha and what does it do for skin revitalization?

An excellent skin care herb, manjistha helps in faster healing of skin tissues; while it prevents formation of ugly scars. It also helps fight against acne, and a number of other recurrent skin infections. Even diseases that cause edema and oozing are well taken care of by it.

Anti-inflammatory by nature, it helps calm, soothe and smooth the skin; as well as reduces itching. Manjistha is also effective against pigmentation anomalies; including freckles and pigmentation loss. Topical application of this herb gives the skin glow and a beautiful reddish tinge.

What is the role of Vitamin E in revitalizing the skin?

Vitamin is a powerful skin rejuvenator. Firstly, it minimizes the damage that the skin might have suffered due to UV rays; while protecting it from any further damage as well. It is also an excellent non-comedogenic (non-pore-blocking) moisturizer, for dry skin.

A powerful anti-oxidant, it helps fight signs of premature aging; by stimulating collagen production, as well as that of new skin cells. As such it helps in maintaining the skin’s elasticity; and delays the onset of wrinkles. Healthy cellular regeneration helps fade away present wrinkles too.
Vitamin E is also known for its properties as a cleanser; as well as its ability to reduce acne scars, dark spots and other blemishes.


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